Heren 3 ends first half of the competition without 1 loss

Gepost op zondag 15 december 2013 door Marc Anguera Bori

Gemini-S H3 continues its awesome performance and won 3-1 against Majella H1 at the Duduk Arena yesterday, in a new demonstration of how well Bas´ guys are able to play voleyball.

Despite of the final result, the match was not going to be easy, reason why Bas´ directions were always focused in the same clear and main message: "(Heren, /!·%(/&)(=(=)(!/,lekker! /&$%prima)!(/·)!&$*^_:;". At least, this is what I understood.

It had to be an interesting speech, because the team started really commited with Martijn as a setter, Victor and Max as outside hitters, Peter and Toon as middle blockers, Jurjen as opposite and a reconverted Koen changing his role for one day as a libero, because of the absences of Sunny and Daniel, both travelling around due to some important assignments, the first one gambling in Las Vegas, and the second one looking for the truth behing Mandela´s death in South-Africa. Joey and Marc started on the bench.

But this report is about names. And the first important name was Toon, who had an outstanding performance in the first set scoring 6 points to lead the team to win this first head. Eventhough, the team had some peaks and after going ahead the most part of the set, in part thanks to 3 incomprehensible net faults almost in a row from Majella´s side, the team had to overcome an adverse score of 18-22. The team did it, and won the set (27-25).

The second important name in this report is the shitty wine that I drank friday night and made me get superhandover, with its consequently temporary lack of concentration. Joey came in replacing Jurjen and that is all what I remember. Apparently, team conditions in this set were as bad as mine, opportunity that Majella did not miss to win the set by 23-25.

After this inconsistent start, Gemini-S came up to the court willing to set things right. Again Jurjen replaced Joey, and my selective attention brings here the third important name, with an inspired Victor who was really participative by making the difference performing 3 good attacks in a row when the set was in a critical stage, to finally get an easy 25-19.

With the team ongoing and doing its best, in the forth set it was time to close the match. Joey replaced Jurjen one more time and the team played its best set, partly thanks to a fully rendered opponent. Time now for Martijn, the other important name of the match, who closed an excellent performance with the feint that he has been training among the season. In comparision to his last failed attempt in which the ball fell down with ice after almost reaching the roof, this time his action was simply perfect. The team won again 25-20.

But it wouldn´t be fair not to mention the rest of the team. The truth is that Gemini-S played one of the most complete matches in the season. Unforced errors were residual and there were almost no serving errors. Koen did an amazing job as a libero and made us forget Sunny and Daniel (specially this last one, who won´t be able to add to the boete list the countless rules I peed on Friday). Peter 'Octopus' Lamers was again awesome at the net solving with reliability any single ball that passed by his area. Max, as usual, played in a very high level becoming one of the most regular players of the team. And Jurjen and Joey switched their oportunities every set, keeping the intensity in the team. Not an easy task, which should be recognized. Last, but not least, Bas was on a side contributing to the nice athmosphere that this team breathes.

Whatever it is, Gemini-S H3 is unbeaten in the top of the table with 45 points and becomes the Winter Champion.


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